started as a service project for “Leadership Brunswick County” which is a leadership development program put on by the three Chambers in Brunswick County.  We were divided into 2 groups based on personality types and my group consist of Todd Beane, Cindy Cheatham and Elaine R. Jordan and myself (David Hutnik).  As we started to brainstorm for a service project to help a local non-profit, we started to realize how many non-profits there really are available here locally.  Some of us are new to the area and some of us have been here for 20+ years.  We decided that we wanted to bring awareness to all of the volunteer opportunities here in Brunswick County so we began working with the Brunswick County Volunteer Center and Jayne Mathews to make come to life.

The real “ah ha” moment was about 5 days after we met as a group, I was in a meeting with a group of roughly 15 business associates about 1 month before Thanksgiving.  Everyone was talking about different ways to help in our community but each person had organizations and ideas that others didn’t know; and none of us really knew who to contact to get involved.  I started to tell the group about the service project idea and everyone LOVED it. Two programmers, Drew Pearson and Jonathan Richey, offered to help program the backend, Daniel Beasley offered to program the front end, and all of a sudden, the entire site is being built on the team’s side time for free.  Myself and the leadership team are taking on the role of running the site and getting the word out about it both to organizations and the community.

Our Mission is bringing awareness to available support and volunteer opportunities in Brunswick County.